About TasnimMUA


Freelance makeup artist.

I specialise in South Asian bridal hair, makeup, dupatta-setting but am also trained in Western wedding makeup.

I’m a busy mother of two, working in the City of London’s financial district by day, and a freelancing makeup artist by night.

Makeup is my passion, and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. Everyone wants to look their best, but not spend hours getting ready. I want to help women look great, feel fantastic, and exude confidence.


Follow me on Twitter (@TasnimMUA) for quick tips, recommendations, and my fashion and beauty thoughts.

Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/pages/Tas-Choudhury-MUA/256519294414337

Website: http://www.tasnimchoudhury.co.uk or http://tasnim-mua.weebly.com


2 thoughts on “About TasnimMUA”

  1. Hi Tasnim, found your website really helpful. I am also using Supercover foundation and also in the shade no 17.

    I thinking of buying the Kiko foundation. What shade would you advise? Do you know if it contains mineral oils?

    Thanks a million xxx

    • Which Kiko foundation are you interested in? They have such a wide range of texttures and formulas. They don’t have the ingredients online though so I can’t tell which ones have mineral oils and which are oil-free. The powder formulas are all oil-free, but I can’t speak for the liquid formulas.

      I would advise you to head in-store for shade matching, and also try out the different formulas to find one that suits you. Unhelpfully, the shade names are not the same across all foundation ranges and so it’s hard to recommend one, even though you’re a similar shade to me. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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