Hello and welcome to EyeSpyBeauty!

First piece of news is that we have moved! If you’re still linked to the wordpress.com site, then please update bookmarks to www.eyespybeauty.co.uk).  I’ll run them both in parallel until the end of May, but after that the blog will only be available at www.eyespybeauty.co.uk!

Apologies for the absence over the past fortnight, but the second piece of news is that I have been very busy working on shoots, which will all be blogged about in due course.

The third piece of news is that I’ve landed a regular freelance spot writing for an online lifestyle magazine DESIblitz! The DESIblitz work is different to EyeSpyBeauty as it gives a cultural spin to make-up and beauty, and is great for anyone curious about South Asian beauty. This blog will still be a mixture of reviews, opinions, tutorials and the like, with some behind the scenes images from photoshoots I’m working on too!

Please up date your links to www.eyespybeauty.co.uk and I’ll see you there!

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