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I was rooting around my eyeliner box for a deep green smudgeable pencil and grabbed this pencil.


Once I’d put it on, I couldn’t help thinking how similar it was to my Urban Decay green pencil. I swatched them and to my surprise they were more alike than I had thought.


Left: Urban Decay Glide On eye pencil in Covet. Right: NYX Slide On eyeliner pencil in Tropical Green.

Urban Decay pencils retail for about £14, while the NYX equivalents are £6.50. Everybody loves a bargain.

Here’s how they look on the eyes.


NYX Slide On eye pencil in Tropical Green

Urban Decay Glide On pencil in Covet

I like the staying power of the NYX pencil as much as Urban Decay. I will definitely be using my NYX ones more often. I’ve got a handful of them but haven’t really been wearing eye make-up lately. That’s definitely going to change.

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