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These days I barely need an excuse to get my bangle bling on. I stack them. I stack them high.

I’ve collected a few of my favourite bangle stacks to share with you, along with an insight into how I came to terms with ‘being different’ growing up.

In Western cultures, a ring on the fourth finger of a womans left hand shows the world she’s married. In Asian cultures, more important than the ring are the bangles (though many young brides forget this in their quest for the biggest, brightest diamond ring). One on each wrist, normally gold, bought by the husband as a wedding gift to his wife.
These days bangles are not just the preserve of the married woman. Neither are they always made of gold.
We Asian women are masters at mixing up the perfect bangle stack for all occasions. They are yet another adornment on our bodies, to add even more colour to our decadent and opulent occasion wear. For readers who aren’t familiar with Asian style, let me summarise.

We do colour. We do glitz. We do it big.

I’m proud of my Asian heritage. As I was growing up in the 80’s, white people used to laugh at our henna-adorned hands after Eid, they’d mock our unusual style and the colours we wore, they’d stare at Indian women wearing sarees and bindis or worse yet, taunt us with calls of ‘go home’…

… in the 90’s Asian style was all the rage after high profile celebs such as Gwen Stefani and Madonna adopted bindis, henna and the like. The sudden turnaround in everyday peoples attitudes annoyed me as a 90’s teenager. Actually it downright pissed me off.
But now I see it differently. Go on, copy our style. Try it. I don’t feel threatened because no-one does it better than us Asians.

So if you’re of the Asian persuasion, rock your own style (be it traditional, western or fusion) and show the world how it’s done!

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