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Here’s my how-to guide for the perfect smokey eye. I’ve broken it down to micro-detail for a detailed step by step.


  1. Prepare eyelids by applying a eye base/ foundation. This will even out any natural pigmentation/ colour on lids.
  2. Curl eyelashes before lining upper and lower water line with black eye pencil
  3. Line lower lash line roughly with black eye pencil
  4. Line upper lash line thickly with black eye pencil. Make sure it’s close to the lash line and don’t forget to apply in between lashes
  5. Using a smudger brush, smudge the eye liner into the lower lash line
  6. Take a large blending brush (e.g. MAC 224 or MAC 217) and add cream long-wear eye shadow onto brush by swirling into the shadow pot.
  7. Fill in the eyelid, starting from inner corner roughly in small circular motions. The large brush gives good coverage of the lid and blends the eyeliner in as well.
  8. Line the socket line with the remaining product on brush. This softens the socket line as well as giving a good shape. Be careful to do this before the cream shadow dries.
  9. Pick up a smudger brush (e.g. Japonesque 941) and add some [black/ dark brown] shadow to the brush. Then line the lower lash line up to the outer corner of the eye.
  10. Line the top lash line with the same brush dipped in [black/ dark brown] shadow, taking it to the outer corner and winging the ends slightly, or for more definition create a V-shape at the outer corner.
  11. Pick up the blending brush and add a little more of the cream shadow to the brush and go over the eyelid, taking care to blend the [black/ dark brown] shadow, but not so much that you lose the definition at the outer crease.
  12. Select a highlighting powder and go over the outer edge of the brow bone with an eye shadow crease brush (e.g. Japonesque 832)
  13. You can re-do the upper lash line eyeliner if required
  14. Add a few coats of black mascara and you’re done.


Tip: If the shape or angles of both eyes don’t match, then tidy the edge of the messier eye by brushing over the uneven parts with foundation.

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