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Saree: a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia.

Who would have thought that nine yards of material could look so beautiful draped around the female body. Well, describing it like that does sound kind of sexy, right?

My husband has always preferred me in sarees. Even the simplest saree wins against a stunning kameeze in the “which should I wear?” debate… (it’s a debate because I usually want the kameeze but he advocates the saree). After some time together, I’ve come to agree with him. Here’s why.


1. Sarees are one-size fits all. As long as the blouse fits, the saree still looks good when you’ve put on a few post-wedding pounds.

2. Sarees are especially great for hiding a baby bump on occasions where you don’t want to be centre of attention. Someone else’s wedding for example. I attended around 10 weddings last year, while heavily pregnant (6 months+ up to a week before my due date). All dressed comfortably wearing sarees and feeling less self-conscious about my massive bump than I would have in an anarkali suit.

L-R: 4 months pregnant (2011), 6 months (2009 – baby #1), 8 months (2011)

3. Sarees can be draped in different styles for different looks. There’s the traditional Bengali style (achal/ pallu over left shoulder, pleat facing left), Gujarati style (pleats facing right, achal/ pallu draped under left arm, brought round over right arm, so achal/ pallu is front-facing), Hindi style (like Bengali style but achal/ pallu pleated tightly to form narrow pleats 3-4 inches wide, pinned at shoulder with a statement brooch).

image3 sarees, 3 different looks

4. A simple saree looks effortlessly stylish and can be dressed up easily with hairstyling and jewellery for parties and weddings. For a kameeze, anarkali, patiala, or any suit to be wedding-worthy, it needs to have heavy embroidery, strong colours, luxe fabric, impeccable fit or all of the above.


5. They’re cost effective. As a saree can be worn in so many different ways, you get multiple looks in one outfit. A suit is always going to be worn in the same way. The only way to mix it up is by draping the dupatta in different ways (like you do with the saree achal/ pallu).


How do you wear yours?

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